5 Tips to Make Fake Plants Appear More Real


Everyone loves the presence of plants in their home and office. However, amid several responsibilities, it can become a herculean task to provide the required care to real plants. In such a scenario, many individuals are increasingly investing in realistic-looking fake plants as they require the least maintenance and care. The demand for these plants is rising as they are perfect for busy companies. You do not have to worry about watering fake plants, repotting them, or dealing with dead plants. Below are some essential tips that will help you make these plants appear more real:

1. Clean them at regular intervals

You may find fake plants easy to handle as you do not have to worry about the requirement of light and water. However, it is necessary to clean them at regular intervals in a bid to make them appear more real. When dust particles become visible, their beauty will be diminished. To make them appear real and fresh, make sure you dust them consistently.

2. You must invest in top-quality fake plants

If you have decided to adorn your home and office with fake plants, make sure you invest in good-quality plants. If you compromise on this front, not only will it mar the beauty of your personal space but your money will also be wasted. Top-quality fake plants and artificial trees are available in various price ranges to meet your budget requirements. When you spend money on the best artificial plants, they will always look fresh and beautiful thus enhancing the beauty of your office and home.   

3. Avoid dark corners

It is an important factor when it comes to fake plants. As you have decided to showcase fake plants, you must avoid dark and unattractive corners where there is very little light. They may appear unreal if you choose to showcase them at such corners. It is ideal to place them in those spaces of your home and office where there is abundant light. Your fake plants will induce a hint of natural life in such an atmosphere.

4. Selection of vases and containers

Ensure the container for your fake plants or artificial trees is selected to make it appear more attractive. There are a huge range of pots and planters available at garden centres and homeware outlets. You should purchase eye-catching vases and pots that will enhance your home décor. Get in touch with Artificial Plant Importers Australia to find top-quality fake plants.

5. Alter your plants’ location

If you are keen to flaunt hanging artificial greenery or UV treated outdoor plants, you should occasionally switch up their location. When you change their location around the offices or houses, they will look more real. It will help in fostering the idea that the plant has been living and thriving in the best way possible.


You can infuse life into your fake plants with the help of the above tips. Whether you are planning to buy a high-quality artificial hedge or tree, make sure you clean them at a regular interval. The beauty of plants always leaves people mesmerized. If you lead a hectic schedule, it is appropriate to invest in top-quality fake plants. It will not only keep your mood enlightened but enhance the beauty of your home and office.

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