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Fibreglass Pots, Planterboxes & Containers

Fibreglass resin containers & pots, light weight metal containers, Planter troughs & Planterboxes, round and square plant pots

Please select from the following subcategories:

Modern Square Tapered Collection

Select from our Aztec Series & Inca Series of Modern Square Tapered Fibreglass Planters with a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from

Planterboxes & Plantertrough Collection

Choose from our Colorado Series, Lifestyle Series & Classic Series of Fibreglass Planterboxes & Planterroughs available in a range of colours & sizes to choose from

Contemporary Round Oval Collection

Select between our Arcadia Series, Riviera Series, Classic Series or Wave Series of Contemporary Round & Oval Fibreglass Pots available in a wide range of colours & sizes to choose from.

Table Arrangement Containers & Bowls

Fibreglass Containers available for home decor & making of table flower arrangements & bonsai

Outdoor Fibreglass Pots

Scroll through our selection of Fireglass Pots & Planters which have been painted in a 2 Pac Car Paint Finish to last longer outdoors in the Australian sun. Available in a variety of sizes, colours & styles to choose from

Classic Style Fibreglass

Last of the range of classic styles and colours in fibreglass containers